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National MISTRA project  |  2006-2010
Logo MISTRA - The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research

Energy efficient reduction of exhausts from vehicles

Quotes from the project "Research Proposal"


“The goal of this project is to demonstrate very low emission levels (0.005 g PM/kWh and 0.1 g NOx/kWh) with an engine exhibiting low CO2 emissions. These levels can be compared with the most stringent legislative levels decided (0.013 g PM/kWh and 0.27 g NOx/kWh). The very low emission levels combined with the high fuel efficiency can be achieved by using advanced components such as innovative catalysts and substrates, reformer and plasma technologies and heat recuperation.”

“The project aims at developing a competence in energy-efficient new aftertreatment systems for combustion engines. The methods are independent of the fuel (i.e. bio-diesel, DME, fossil diesel), but are directed towards engines with excess oxygen, since these systems appear to produce the lowest CO2 emissions also when used with renewable fuels. Although highly efficient, diesel engines produce a lot of waste heat, which can be utilized [...]. This will lead to further decrease in CO2 emissions. The project uses five recent technology advances:
Thermoelectric materials for heat recuperation, catalytic reduction of NOx using hydrocarbons from the fuel, low temperature plasma, fuel reformers with high efficiency and innovative catalyst substrates for minimized heat losses in the after-treatment system.”

"The programme consists of 7 individual component projects. Each project is vital for the integrated result."

The projects are:

Programme manager:  Heije Westberg, Volvo Technology AB Academic partners: Industrial partners: E4 MISTRA website


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